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The quality of translation multilingual publishing is essential to our development. To guarantee the accuracy and authority of our translation work, we have formulated a series of strict procedures as follows.

Project review: Upon receiving your documents, one of our senior translators will give these documents a quick review to determine the nature of your documents. Based on this and in consideration of your requirements, we will give you a free estimation covering the approximately length of your documents, translation fees and turnaround time, then an agreement concerning the translation matters will be signed between us.

Translation by experienced translators: In order to achieve the highest quality and the consistency of whole document in terms of language style, technical and culture-specific terminology, the translation manager will establish an integrated glossary management system during the translation process, and will coordinate the whole translation process so as to guarantee the quality, efficiency and consistency of our translation work.

Proofreading by a subject-specific translator: Then we will appoint a senior translator who has years of experience in the specific field of translation to check the technical, commercial or cultural accuracy of the finished translation, so as to make your documents free from any complication commonly found with translators who understand only language but not the technical, commercial or culture make-up of the readers.

Proofreading by a senior editor: Now, a skilled and specialized linguistic editor checks a second time for terminology, consistency, presentation, style, omission, and overall linguistic accuracy of the documents. We have access to a vast number of industry-specific dictionaries and glossaries along with internally developed glossaries that we use to shape standard languages to specific industry requirements. We assure maximum consistency and accuracy while saving your time and effort.

Multilingual Layout and DTP: Our computer and DTP experts will satisfy your requirements on layout and DTP in any format. Just tell us your requirements, we will take care the rest. Transmart has dedicated resources for handling multilingual publishing of XML, SGML and other documents. In Transmart, the local operating systems and applications (including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean versions of QuarkXpress, Middle East version of InDesign, etc. ) are available for Asian and Middle East publishing.

Delivery: We can deliver the final version in the form of soft and hard copies. All copies of your original documents will be disposed according to your requirements so as to make your documents safe and confidential.